Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life After Windows?

This isn't particularly related to systems administration, per say, but I think that the people who read this blog might be interested in it.

According to SDTimes, Microsoft is preparing for life after Windows, with an operating system called Midori.

When I first started reading the article, I was intrigued. Windows has been the prevalent operating system of home computers now for almost 15 years. Before Windows, there was DOS. That was a paradigm shift. I'm wondering how extreme the next jump will be. How far will Microsoft push the line?

I was sad when I got to this sentence:
One of Microsoft’s goals is to provide options for Midori applications to co-exist with and interoperate with existing Windows applications, as well as to provide a migration path.

Unfortunately, that requirement might stop them from doing anything terribly exciting. With a decade of legacy code to support, I don't see how the change could be earth shattering.

I'm not a Microsoft hater. I don't use Windows, and I don't particularly like it much, but I respect what it has done for standardizing the personal computer industry, and I'm interested to see if Microsoft can push the bar, and really come up with something good. Time will tell.