Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arranging your workspace

When you sit down at your desk, how is your comfort level? Do you have to shove piles of paper out of the way, or do you believe that a cluttered desk indicates a cluttered mind? Do you have enough room to work? Are your ergonomics in place to stop you from getting headaches, wrist injuries, and the like?

Ryan and I were talking the other day about how our desks were arranged. He was trying to fit a laptop on the same desk as his dual monitor setup, and it struck him that it was nearly impossible to search for how people arranged their desktops without getting screenshots of, well, desktops.

In the interest of sharing information, I present a rough diagram (created in OmniGraffle), for your enjoyment:

In the interest of professionalism, I have left off the trilobyte fossil, Michael Scott sticky-notes, and bobble head Knight Who Says Ni. I also forgot the aspirin, pepto bismol, tums, and multivitamins. Being a sysadmin is hard sometimes :-)

Depending on the number of projects I'm working on, my desk is pretty messy, but filing generally helps reduce clutter.

How are your desks arranged? Do you have a way of organizing that you like more than others? Throw pictures up on flickr and share!