Monday, March 30, 2009

When the train comes, everybody rides!

The other day, I mentioned rubber duck debugging, a term with which I had been previously unfamiliar. Since then, I have wanted to pick up a rubber duck to keep on my desk at work, to help me to work through the more difficult issues I encounter (and because it's just funny to have a rubber duck on your desk).

I finally found one the other day. The only problem was that..well, there wasn't "a" rubber duck...apparently they come in flocks or something...

16 Duckies
So yes, I bought the whole kit and caboodle. Walking out of the store, I said to my wife that now I had to find a bunch of people who wanted rubber ducks, since there were 16 in the package, and my issues are 1-duck, maybe 2-duck problems at worst. She thought for a second, and suggested "Maybe your blog readers would like the extras?". Brilliant!

So here's the deal. I bought a pack of 16 ducks:

The whole flock!

The four large ones have been spoken for, so that leaves 12 little ducks. Since I'm guessing more than 12 people will want a duck, I'm going to have to give them out randomly. To help with this, I've created a 4 question survey. 2 real questions, along with your name and email address, so I can contact you if you win a duck. Please know that I will absolutely not give, sell, or relinquish-under-torture your email address. I'll just use it to contact you if my random number generator tells me you that you get a duck.

I'm leaving the survey open all week, since I know not everyone has time to read every day, and I've been way too busy to post normally anyway.

By the way, you don't pay shipping or anything. It's a real, honest to God giveaway. Enter the survey, win a duck, and I'll throw it in a (probably USPS, if you're in the states) envelope and ship it to you.

Note: I make no claims about the troubleshooting prowess of these ducks.