Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phone Support: What did you say?

If you've ever done any sort of support over a telephone (and I suspect that you probably have), you know that miscommunication can cause big problems, especially when you're having the other person type unfamiliar commands which cause headaches for you when they're entered incorrectly.

I've always wanted to memorize the standard phonetic alphabet that the military uses, because in the middle of a phone call, I hate going "L". So when I was researching it tonight, I found out there there is not just one agreed upon alphabet. In fact, there are several.

Look through the list and find one that you like. One thing I found amusing was that whether the alphabet used names, places, or whatever, almost every one of them used X-ray. I guess there's no getting around that. Except for Norwegian, of course, which gets points for "Xerxes".