Monday, December 1, 2008

RSS aggregation of blog entries and the like

The other day, I read a post on MySysAd blog about people copying blog entries verbatim and passing them off as their own. esofthub added a postfix to his RSS feed to automatically credit the source of the material, which I think is a great solution.

I wasn't too worried about it until I google'd for a random string from one of my blog entries. The results led me to, which appears to be an RSS aggregator for technology blogs.

The owner of the site doesn't claim at all to be the author of the material, and I love that my feed is getting aggregated there, but if you look at the site, there aren't any sources listed, except a small link at the bottom with the first name of the author and a link back to the source post.

Like I said, I don't mind, but I have added a 'signature' to my RSS feed which displays the source domain. If it bothers anyone, please drop me a line at and let me know. Otherwise, I'll keep it on. It doesn't seem too intrusive and provides confirmation of the source of the data.

And lest there be any doubt, if you have an aggregator on your site, feel free to aggregate this blog. You're very much welcome to do it, and you don't even have to let me know, though it's neat when I hear from a new site that's doing it :-) Thanks for your support and interest in my material!