Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Never thought to check there...

I never thought about it, but there's a Wikipedia entry for Systems Administrators.

It's an interesting view from inside the cage, so to speak.

Also, completely on topic with the subject of this post...

There's sort of like an unwritten rule to networking and systems that states that the strangeness of a problem has a strong correlation to the likelihood that it's DNS based.

We spent a week tracking down an issue with one of our users who could see a file on one server, but not on another, even when both were pulling from the same fileshare.

We made no headway until I tried to access the file. I could log into one of the servers with my newly minted account, but not the other. Using dig, we figured out that one of the machine names was an old DNS entry that should have gotten updated but didn't, so when she logged into the server, newer files than were on the old testing machine didn't show up, but they did on the production machine.

Always suspect DNS for weird issues.