Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gnotime and Twitter

In an earlier post, I mentioned using Gnome Time Tracker(or gnotime, as it's called) for recording your time spent on particular projects.

I also wrote about the Tower Bridge using Twitter. I started playing with it more, and with the help of this Linux Journal article, I got it working from the command line.

Yesterday I decided to put the two together, so that my twitter status would automatically update whenever I changed different projects.

On gnotime, I have the title as the general task, the description the specific task, and the diary entry as what specifically I was doing. By default, gnotime doesn't allow you to output the diary entry, and I needed that to specify what I was doing on twitter.

Yesterday I downloaded the source, and though I'm not a programmer, managed to coax it into submission. After I got it working on my machine, I submitted a patch to the sourceforge site.

Now when you go to my twitter page, you can see what I was working on and when. Neat!