Monday, November 24, 2008

Infrastructure Switchover

Well, the big event that I've been building to for the past few months is done. All that's left is sweeping up the dust.

Our previous primary/production/main site was in a colocation in central Ohio. It's not a bad facility, but it's geographically non-ideal (the company is recentering in NorthCentral NJ), and the infrastructure there isn't the best. Far better than we can provide, but it can't touch what we've got now.

We relocated to a Tier 3 to a Tier 4 [pdf link] datacenter. The new colocation features world-class infrastructure, from multifactor security to N+2 generators. It's hot.

I am now able to say that I'm not at all worried about the physical plant of the primary site. If there's a problem, we're probably going to cause it ourselves. This is both a relief and a curse ;-)

All I'm doing right now is going around the network making sure that things are running alright after the change. Host keys and things of that nature are all fine, since those were extensively tested prior to the switchover. The things I'm concerned about now are processes which weren't fully tested because they couldn't be, due to the architecture change.

This week is pretty much over Wednesday, thankfully. After that, I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing break where maybe I'll finally get to finish polishing my Simple Talk: Exchange