Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NetworkWorld features one of us

I feel a special kind of kinship with other people who are in a similar boat as myself. That's actually why I started this blog, to work with other "standalone sysadmins", people doing work that would normally require the skillsets of several individuals in larger companies.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my NetworkWorld magazine and saw this feature about Justin King, a standalone sysadmin if there ever was one.

Justin manages a total of 130 nodes in the Neuro imaging lab at Baylor College of Medicine. He's got almost 120TB of storage, a compute cluster, and normal servers to worry about. The one break that Justin has is that his user base is technically oriented and doesn't need hand holding.

Read the article, it covers the struggle that us single-handed sysadmins have to deal with, and it's nice to see one of us get some recognition.