Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wahoo! 500+ Subscribers!

I've known for a while that I was getting close, but this morning, Google Reader confirmed it:

Standalone Sysadmin has over 500 subscribers! Wahoo!

For every one of you who reads this, thank you.

I want to especially thank a few other blogs that have sent a ton of visitors my way:

(in order of visitors sent, according to Google Analytics):

Bob Plankers at The Lone Sysadmin
Michael Janke at Last In First Out
Jeff Hengesbach at his blog
Chris Siebenmann at CSpace
Ian Carder at iDogg
Nick Anderson at cmdln.org
Phillip Sellers at Tech Talk
Ryan Nedeff at his blog

I also want to thank the various blog aggregators who have picked me up. I'm probably missing a couple here that I don't know about:
Sysadmin Blogs /planet

And anyone else who linked to my blog,

Thank you very much!

As always, please drop me a line at standalone.sysadmin@gmail.com with suggestions or feedback of any kind.